Whoops! Lost a Filling

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If your filling comes loose, the dentist can easily replace it. However, some discomfort often comes when it tumbles out, and your tooth will need some protection while it’s gone. If you have to wait a few days before the dentist can see you, here are some things you can do to ease the discomfort and keep the tooth protected.

You can apply a small amount of clove oil to the exposed cavity using a cotton swab. Clove oil helps ease the discomfort, and it can be found fairly easily in supermarkets or drugstores.

You can also apply what is called dental cement to the area to protect it from bacteria. If you have a crown that is covering your filling and it comes off, you can put it back on and temporarily adhere it with dental cement, just make sure you clean the crown thoroughly before you put it back on. You can check with your pharmacy to see if they have dental cement. Do not use glues you have around the house, as they are often toxic and not made for your body.

You want to make sure no foods get stuck in the exposed cavity for bacteria to find and use. Try chewing on the side of you mouth opposite of the cavity for a while to ease discomfort and keep food as far away as possible. Keep brushing and flossing, but do so carefully around the affected area so you can feel more comfortable and still clean it off. You can also use warm salt water when rinsing your mouth to ease discomfort.

If you ever lose a filling, please call The Smile Associates with 405-842-4646 the first chance you get. Drs. Marley-Harrod, Harrod and Buchanan, our dentists, can replace the filling and help you feel comfortable again. You can find our office in Edmond Oklahoma.