Partial Dentures and the Benefits They Have to Offer You

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At the dental practice of The Smile Associates, we are pleased to offer custom-made partial dentures for our patients in Edmond, Oklahoma who are missing teeth in their smiles.

When it comes to restoring your oral health, partial dentures offer several benefits. Created in a dental lab from impressions of your mouth, these dentures can give you confidence again. Partial dentures lay on a metal framework, which attaches to your remaining teeth in your upper or lower jaw. These dentures are anchored to your natural teeth, sometimes with the help of dental crowns to ensure the best fit.

Your appearance; when you first get your partial denture you will need to adjust to having them in your mouth, and taking them in and out comfortably. You will find yourself pleased with how natural your smile looks with them in, and how they feel in your mouth. One of the most obvious benefits to partial dentures is how they improve and maintain your appearance. Without them, your facial muscles will sag over time and cause you to look older, because of the changes in bone and the ridges of your gums.

How you eat; at first, you will have an adjustment period when it comes to eating with your denture. It helps to stick to soft foods during this transition, as well as cutting your food into small pieces for ease in chewing. Chewing on both sides helps maintain even pressure on the denture. Also, you will want to avoid eating sticky or hard foods, including chewing gum during this transition.

How you speak; when you have missing teeth, your speaking pattern can be impacted. Once you adjust to your new dentures, you will no longer have the speech issues that come with gaps. To help you adjust, you can practice reading out loud. Soon you will be speaking naturally again.

To maintain your youthful appearance and eat and chew confidently once again, we encourage you to speak with us about how our partial dentures may be right for your needs. You can schedule a consultation with our dentists by calling 405-842-4646 today. Dr. Marley-Harrod, Dr. Harrod, Dr. Buchanan and our team are here to help with all your oral health needs.